hello there / Ashley Mann is a Brooklyn-based designer and thinker. She's accomplished a lot of research and development work and has a peculiar knack for strategy and planning. Talk to her about the value of design, thoughtful roadmapping, or pizza.
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Product & visual design—
Offering a very diverse background, my experience spans industries, design approaches, and work environments. I consider adaptability to be one of my greatest strengths and I enjoy highly autonomous, collaborative teams that strive to make the best thing possible.
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About me—
My pronouns are she & her. I do hot yoga 3 times a week. You’ll often find me in pottery studio perfecting a bowl. I love to travel. Also, black girl magic.
For 12 years, I’ve been designing products. I started my career mostly focused on visual design, eventually finding my way to software and tools that lean heavily on a human-centered process. As tricky as product can be, I absolutely love the uncertainty, the negotiation, and the ever-changing conditions that make us constantly question if we’re making the right thing. The explorations, the considerations, the process—I’m a lucky person who gets to do what she loves for a living. And when not designing, you can catch me at a museum, traveling somewhere, or reading a memoir.
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